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Wednesday, 7 March 2012
{{• Tidy Up Gnomes :: Beneath the Rowan Tree •}}

Tidy Up Gnomes are fun little guys and gals made for keeping your child's boots (or mittens) together and reducing clutter.  (Now if only I could hire some laundry gnomes!).   My daughter insists that they *are* related to the Underpants Gnomes, which I can neither confirm nor deny.  All I will say is that they make tidying up FUN!

Suitable for children age 3+ with help for the needle and hot glue-y bits!
  • Wooden clothes pegs (the old fashioned kind)
  • scraps of fabric, felt, old sweaters etc.
  • embroidery floss & needle
  • hot glue gun
  • beeswax polish (optional, directions for making HERE)
  • bits of curly fiber, cotton fluff or yarn
  • scissors
  • hooded cape template 

 To PRINT TEMPLATE: right click, choose 'view image' and either right click + print or copy, paste into your preferred image handler and print at 100%

1)  Once you have gathered your materials, use your beeswax polish to seal the pegs.
This is optional. You can see a sealed vs. natural peg (right side) below.
Set them aside.
2) Print out and cut out the cloak template.
Measure the template against your clothespin.
As they vary in size, you may need to trim the template.
The hood portion (v & w) should meet easily around the 'head' of the peg as pictured below.
3) Once your template is sized to your pegs, cut out your fabric.

Any fabric will work, although the thickness of wool felt (or felted wool cut from recycled sweaters etc.) provides a more attractive cloak (and  I am not a huge fan of acrylic felt... but anything will work!) that will last through more handling.
4) Thread your needle with 3-6 strands of embroidery floss.
Make a running stitch from x to x, leaving a 2-3" tail on either end.
 Do not tie off or knot, you will use this thread to gather the cloak.
5)   Fold in half along line between Y and Z., matching v & w.
Using a blanket stitch,  sew a seam, creating the hood, from y to v/w.
Tie off to secure the seam.
6) Test the fit of the hood on the peg. 
If it is much too big, remove the stitches, trim and re-stitch~ however you should be able to make it fit securely in the next steps without these drastic measures!
**If you are making a girl gnome you need to add her hair to her head before securing her cloak (jump to #8 and then return to #6).
Remove the cloak.
Add a drop of glue from the hot glue gun to the top of the peg.
 Replace the cloak, gently shaping with your fingers to the desired shape (picking up some of the glue to secure the cloak, but taking care not to press the hood out of shape into the glue... it will stay that way!).

7) Pick up the thread tails at the neck of the cloak and pull them tight, creating a snug closure around the 'neck' of the wooden peg.
Tie off with a knot (or two) and then a bow (or trim away).

8) At this point, you can add hair or a beard to your little gnome (or leave it clean shaven!).
I have used curly wool locks, but yarn cut into the desired 'style' or even cotton batting will do.
Use a little hot glue and secure your chosen hair-do.
 Girl Variation... attach hair and return to step #6
9) Tidy up your gnome~ trim the hair and any loose threads.

10) Put your gnome to work!

Customize your gnomes with fabrics, embroidery, colours, patterns, hair dos... whatever it takes to make tidy up time a little more magical!♥

All photos and text are © Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree, 2011.
Please ask permission for use.
Finished gnomes are yours to do with as you please~ credit to the author is always appreciated!


Julie said...

Lori, you're just making cleaning up so pretty! Love these and thank you for the tut. :)

around Britain no plane said...

I'm sure that would work fab on our UK welly boots too! Nicola

EMMA said...

We made some of these a while back but with out the hair and beards, I think we might have to 're-look' ours now!!

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