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Tuesday, 15 May 2012
This last Sunday was Mother's Day.

I have been waiting for my daughter to get old enough to insist on marking the day with appropriate adoration.
I mean, she has to do better than my husband's attempt, several years ago when he had forgotten it was Mother's Day at all.  He mowed 'Happy Mother's Day' into the lawn. But he forgot the 'h' in 'mother.
Happy Moter's Day my lawn said for a week or so.

In the past I have blogged about Mother's Day~
how I learned to argue less.
what mother's were looking forward to in their lives.
This year, my reflection on our day is much less deep but it still has me tickled pink.
Like my tongue, pink.

You see, Rowan and Andy got up early on Sunday morning to make me a cake.
(that is almost forethought, right?!)

It was a gigantic monster of a double-decker chocolate heart.

The issue was the icing.
Well, the colour of the icing.
They used, they say, a 'dab' of hot pink icing colour.
 This thing tasted like the inside of a perfume bottle, the red dye taste was so cloying and thick (ugh.)
And it looked like something the unicorns tossed out because it was simply TOO pink for them.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the gesture.
And Rowan was very, very proud.
But my teeth and tongue bore some explaining on Monday when I went to work and lead a funeral (!!).

On Sunday evening I did some sewing after Rowan went to bed.
Andy left the cake on our dining room table until late evening, when he put it in the fridge.
At that time, he wondered at the missing portion of cake, thinking (rightly) that I wouldn't have eaten any more, but must have changed my mind, red dye be darned.

On Monday morning, Rowan exclaimed that Archie was all pink around his mouth and down his front (he has a snowy white ruff).  We figured she was exaggerating, maybe he had stolen  some tidbit of cake off of the floor.

On Monday afternoon, I came home when Andy and Rowan were out.
I walked past the dining room and did a double take.
THIS is what I saw.
Standing on the dining room table.
The bag of cement with legs~ he is not known for his jumping abilities.
Now Murray? Murray is four pounds of flying Papillon and he regularly ends up on the top of furniture.
But never Archie.
And the criminal stood there while I got the camera and took his picture, not a clue that he was doing anything he oughtn't!

The penny still hadn't dropped.
Andy came home.
I showed him the photographic evidence.
He wondered aloud that Archie would do that, after all... "he has never gotten any food up there, or anything..."

And he looked at me, realization dawning... "did you eat cake last night?"
As I gasped "did you put the cake away after supper?".

Rowan was right... Archie was pink from eating cake.

At least I had a an excuse to put a merciful end to the pink atrocity.
But I will have to explain why my dog has a pink mustache for a few more days. ♥♥


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Our family dog once ate my sisters birthday cake during a party. It was normally very good around food but just couldn't resist the sugary lure, candles and all. Mum cut it in half and still served up the uneaten portion.

Unknown said...

Hilarious! I think he was waiting to be praised for his new trick! Our 16 year old, 60 lb (and on a diet)golden retriver/australian shepherd mix has now gotten so desperate for food that she has also recently learned this "trick".

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