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Thursday, 9 August 2012
Yes, I make natural toys.
It's true.
And my daughter has many/mostly for very good reasons
...but we are also a little hooked on Playmobil.
(Yes, we).

The thing I detest about Playmobil (and Lego) is all of the tiny pieces... everywhere!
Especially since our 4.5 lb. Papillon dog has a penchant for chewing the little bits to bits.
And we all know the pain of stepping on one of these little pieces!

And I am something of a geek for organizational things.

I adore drawers and bins.
My dream piece of furniture is an enormous apothecary cabinet with a million little drawers.
I lust after label guns.

Bless my friend, for being the same (on the Playmobil and the storage).
Last weekend she texted me a picture of the toolbox they snagged for her sons' Playmobil bits.
(We had had a long and passionate conversation earlier in the week~
two grown women enthusing about whether the horses would blend with the dragon castle and considering if the spies could work for the police...).
As luck would have it, we were on our way to the city and made a stop to grab one, too.

Almost all of the pieces fit into the little (removable) storage cups inside this two-tiered, portable tool box.
The larger pieces (bases and so on) fit easily into one bin of our beloved Ikea 'Trofast'.
My daughter, bless her geeky heart, was as excited as me to sort her toys, and we worked eagerly side by side to re-do the whole play room for the reward of organizing the Playmobil.
Seriously. ♥♥


April's Homemaking said...

I know just what you are talking about. We love our wooden toys very much, and we also loved Playmobil very much when the kids were younger (they are teens now). I still love to look at them, and buy them for my niece and nephew. What a nice way to organize them. I have other small collections that we organize in various Plano boxes from the tackle box section which also work great. Great post! :)

Amanda said...

Oh man! We have so much playmobil...they are A's fav toys...and I love them to, but we have so much trouble with the pieces and the dog...oh I am sending DH out to look for this tomorrow! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

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