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Thursday, 6 September 2012
We are blessed to live on a lake with numerous clean, sandy beaches in Northern Ontario.
In June, while visiting family during a particularly hot spell, Rowan asked how people in the city ever get cool if they don't have a lake?
The idea of not having a lake at hand was a new one for her.

On a recent trip to visit family in Southern Ontario, we had a taste of the lake that people do use to cool off.
We took a trip with my mother and sister to the very familiar shores of Lake Erie at Port Dover.

This was the beach of my childhood and teen years.
Known now for its Friday the 13th Biker blowouts, Dover has long been 'the beach' for folks from our neck of the woods.

Port Dover.
My grandparents danced there when it was the 'Spring Gardens'.
My parents had special dinners at the Erie Beach Hotel (I remember playing Barbies as a child, and using the EBH as the hot spot for the barbie doll elite... you could get *gasp* shrimp cocktail there... which I had some vague notion involved a drink with shrimp in it).
My high school class ditched and went there.
And this summer, I happily took my daughter there to see a Great Lake and to enjoy some Lake Erie perch (yum!).

She loved the perch.
She marveled at the big lake tankers off shore.

She thought it was pretty cool that there are palm trees growing there (huh?).
She found a sweet ride.
But she did not like the beach itself one little bit.
It stunk. Literally.

Even so, it was a nice jaunt down memory lane as we made new memories, too! ♥


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