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Sunday, 21 April 2013
Well, maybe.

We live in Northern Ontario (well 'near North' ~ Ontario has a lot of North!).
The ice is still on the lake.
But then again, the blackflies haven't arrived...
We are anticipating spring...

My daughter came through the door, in her rubber boots,
holding her 4.5 lb. Papillon under her arm.
This was not unusual (I don't know why God gave that dog legs, he never uses them!).
What was rather surprising was to see that Murray (the dog) was completely wet on ONE side.
His normally perky ear was flattened with water and dripping.
His feathers drooping and sodden.
But just on one side.
"How did Murray get so wet?"
"He rolled in a puddle?".
Hmmm. The reply shouldn't have been in the form of a question.
"Really? And he only got half wet?"
"No. I jumped in the puddle and he got splashed."

So surely spring is just around the corner?
Here are some great spring outdoor ideas to dream about!
1. Teepee (Little Turtles Tipi)
2. Tree Swing (The Original Tree Swing)
3. Handmade Jump Rope (Zany Zees)
4. Arabian Stick Horse (MJM Ranch)
5. Wooden Sailboat (Tweet Toys)


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