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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Explore some wonder-full Waldorf spaces...

Today's featured spaces are all classroom environments.
(I will be featuring other aspects of Waldorf spaces in posts yet to come).
They boast wide open spaces and loads of natural light
that would be a dream for most Waldorf spaces at home.
Even so, they offer many creative, tried-and-true and well-imagined ideas to inspire our home spaces.

Each of these rooms incorporates light and space,
but also gentle colours and natural materials.
I particularly love the play of textures between wood and wool and silk features.
By using sustainable, organic materials the children are brought indoors to spaces that honour the outdoors and bring them into the rhythms of nature.

These are spaces that breathe and speak the Waldorf/ Steiner approach to childhood and learning.
They look so welcoming and encouraging.
And they look thoughtful and intentional...
each item is chosen and placed with reason and purpose.
And even above the items themselves, or the materials they are made with,
it is this intentionality that is the real inspiration of these spaces!

(Click to view larger image)

1. Crysalis Waldorf School (NSW, Australia)
The tree/ window is incredible~! along with the warm rosy hues.
At home: try a paper silhouette of a tree in the window!
2. Emerson Waldorf School (Chapel Hill, NC)
Every thing has a place, and everything in its place.
Order and careful choice of each feature.
At home: A peg board for hanging silks and dress up clothes, with a shelf for a few special treasures
3. Photo by: Nessman on Flickr  
This space is practically outside, the walls and screens are barely there
for a feeling of being right within the natural setting.
At home: stick to colours from nature and lots of found nature items.
4. Lorien Novalis School (Australia)
The canopy of billowing silk is incredible!
At home: a large silk canopy ca be artfully draped over a corner or table for smaller scale version.
5. Davis Waldorf School (Photo by Syrendell)
Clean and simple.
Natural branches by the window.
At home: look at the space by the window: table, chairs, a few baskets... and you are all set!
6. The Garden of Enchantment (Corona, CA) 
Also part of a larger space, work and play space all together in one.
At home: Make use of limited space by using a focal point (like the canopied area pictured).

Do you have photographs of your Waldorf space at home you would like to share?
We'd love to see them! ♥♥


Unknown said...

I particularly love the play of textures between wood and wool and silk features.
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