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Saturday, 27 April 2013
Make your own Waldorf style fairy or angel Mobile.
Perfect for a baby nursery, playroom, or anywhere you need a little wonder and colour!
These little fairy mobiles have been around a long time!
I can't lay claim to the idea, and you will find other tutorials out there.
I have two versions in craft books at home.
I have a special fondness for them as I used to make them with my grandmother.

Ours were made with Kleenex and cotton balls back in the day~
ghosts for Halloween, mostly.
But back when you could buy coloured tissues
(do you remember those?! popular for flowers to decorate cars at weddings!)
we made them in pastel colours, too.
We are going to be a little more environmentally friendly, today,
using natural materials and eco-friendly items!
You can, of course, use whatever materials you choose or have on hand!

•  12 x 5" square silk pieces (or as many as you want for your mobile)
•  a small amount of wool fiber, or other stuffing
•  transparent thread OR colour of your choice
•  needle
•  scissors
•  hoop ~ wood, wire, twigs, branch (you could hang your fairies in a line, rather than a circle) etc.
•  yarn, ribbon or any other materials desired to hang and decorate your hoop

{{We are offering DIY Fairy Mobile Kits at Beneath the Rowan Tree.
Kits include: 12 x 5" square hand dyed silks in a gradient rainbow (or custom order silks in colours of your choice); wool roving for making heads; and 6 x 11" raw silk cords (various colours).
We'll let you provide your own hoop and thread as it doesn't make sense for us to mail you a stick and string! Full details HERE. }}

1. Prepare your silk.
Our kit will provide you with dyed silks, ready to use.
If you are doing your own, dye as desired and then snip and tear them to the 5" size.
The raw edges will give your finished mobile a pretty and natural look
(trim the loose threads now and then again when you hang it and it will not keep 'shedding').

2.  Prepare your hoop.
You may want to wrap your hoop or bar in ribbon or yarn, or keep it natural!
(you could even use two twins and make an 'X' with four arms for hanging)
To prepare whatever you plan to hang your fairies on you will need to string it with 3-4 pieces
of your chosen material (the raw silk cords in the kits work well for this!)
to balance the hoop and enable you to hang it once the fairies are strung on.
3. Prepare your strings.
Decide how you want to hang your fairies.
I used a cascading spiral for this sample, but you could alternate heights randomly, use an 'X' or a long branch with fairies all in a row.
I suggest cutting a 24" thread for each fairy, so that you can adjust them as desired when all are finished.
If you want to be super keen you could do the math ahead of time, but not me!
{{By the end of this tutorial you will need about 16 hands to keep everything sorted!
Just so you know. At least one more pair will come in handy!}}
Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread.
I used white thread so it would be visible for this tutorial.

4. Make your fairies!
Pull off a small piece of roving (never cut wool fiber, just pull it apart).
Roll it into a loose ball about the size of a marble.
Place the ball in the center of a piece of silk.
Wrap the ball in silk.
Pinch at the neck, adjusting the folds to your liking.
Using your needle, insert it through the center of the neck
(the knot will disappear in the folds, trim the tail when the fairy is complete).
Then, wind the thread around the neck firmly 3-4 times.
Insert the needle under the thread collar
and push it up and out through the center top of the head.
Do not cut the thread that is coming through the top of the head.
Set aside and do the next fairy.
5. String your fairies.
Once you have decided on  the formation you wish your fairies to fly in,
it is time to attach them to your hoop.
If you are inclined to math or perfection, you may want to measure and mark your hoop,
or you can just wing it and adjust as you go!
Just tie each fairy in its place loosely until are are placed.
When they are where you want them to be, secure the knots and/or add a dab of hot glue.
Trim any loose threads on fairies or strings.
And ta-da!
You did it!
Go hang it up someplace where the light and breeze will make it dance!♥♥
To purchase a kit to make your own, visit BTRT.

Please feel free to adapt (or improve!) as your heart desires.
If you do want to share the pattern, or adapt and share it, or sell the mobiles you make with it, do so with my blessing. It would be wonderfully courteous if you would also include a link back to my blog and credit the pattern to me (Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree).  ♥♥


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