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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 30 May 2013
Looking for a great project for your scrap fabric or fat quarters?
Tired of trying to keep track of your double pointed knitting needles and crochet hooks?

Give this simple pattern a whirl.
It is so quick, you can make two, one for you and one for a friend!
{Or a kid... my second one got snagged by my 7 year old 
before the last threads were cut!}
I am preparing today to go away for a weekend of meetings
and I want to bring several pairs of DPNs, as well as crochet hooks,
stitch markers and such for keeping my hands busy.
But I loathe sorting and re-sorting my needles, and I always seem to lose one DPN from every set.
My other needle cases and rolls are all too big (straight needles)
or too small (felting and embroidery needles).

So I scanned my (currently messy) work area to see what I might have on hand
(I am committed to using up my borderline hoarder stash of supplies!)
and my eye fell on a dress my daughter outgrew, but I couldn't part with
because I love the fabric (Japanese linen w/ elephants!).

You can make this simple needle roll using scraps
(patchwork would be cool!)
and in about 25 minutes.
I just chopped the bodice off the dress and left the coordinating hem on.
Denim would be neat, too.
OR/ grab a fat quarter (FQ) and make it even easier.

Adjust the size to suit your needs... length and width are totally negotiable,
and the same instructions would make a great little crayon or pencil roll, too.

Fabric & Notions:
•  Any woven fabric, 18 x 22" (to make the DPN size pictured)
•  Ribbon to tie the roll, 36-40"

     Prewash and press fabric.
     Cut two pieces, 18" x 11" OR fold FQ in 1/2 width-wise (right sides together)
     Place right sides together.
     Stitch around the entire outside, using a 3/8" seam allowance
     and leaving a 1.5-2" opening on one long side for turning.
     Trim seam allowances.
     Turn. Press, folding in seam allowance on side opening.
     Topstich along ONE short side, close to the edge.
     Turn the topstitched edge up 5-7" as desired (I like 6.25")~
     adjust for needle height or pencils etc.
     Press in place or pin.
     Fold ribbon in 1/2 and place between the folded edges on one side
     Pin in place.
     Topstitch around entire piece, closing the side opening as you go.
     Go back and reinforce the stitching at the ribbon.
     Decide how many pockets you need.
     Make wider pockets for scissors, snips, circular needles and notions.
     Make narrower pockets for individual sets of DPNs or hooks.
     Use tailor's chalk, pencil, etc. to mark where each pocket will go.
     Topstitch to create the divisions.
     Extend your stitching beyond the top of each pocket for better wear.
    Fill it up and hit the road!
Have a great weekend... I am all ready for mine! ♥♥
Tuesday, 28 May 2013
As our sixth anniversary in business approaches,
I have been reflecting on the tools and practices that have been essential
to our business development, branding and communication...
our 'tricks of the trade'.

One of our core practices has been niche marketing, supported by branding.
And our branding has been supported by Vistaprint products for the past 5 years.
(Click the link for great deals on Vistaprint products!)
{{And not a few family celebrations, too, read on for this bit!}}

So I thought I would share our experiences with you,
whether for your small business or your home!

We strive to create an overall shopping experience with our Etsy shop.
An experience which extends beyond the shop itself.
This means that when our products are shipped out,
we want to connect with our customers in a positive way.
Vistaprint products have allowed us to extend the feel and brand of our business
into each order we ship out.
We have certainly inserted our share of business cards into outgoing packages.
But it only begins there!
We have relied on VPs 'standard postcards' most heavily to share our philosophy,
contact information and product care details with our customers.
VP offers hundreds of images and edit-able details to create the cards (front and back)
along with paper choices and so on.
We have most often uploaded our own images (using VPs readily available specs or templates)
in order to create a cohesive visual experience.
You can fit a lot of information on these sweeties!

We have also been able to use and adapt a variety of VP products over the years.
I am a big fan of the business card sized magnets,
they come in handy in any home and with an attractive image,
keep your business in people's minds!
We have also used thank you cards, self-inking stamps, hats, tote bags, pens, calendars...
as freebies, prizes and inserts.
We often use business cards for specific goals (like increasing blog traffic with our pictured 'Play Date' cards) and turn address labels into thank you stickers, like our 'Instructions: Play' version.
Satisfied with quality and service for business, 
we have also used Vistaprint for:
• Christmas cards,
• themed birthday party invites and thank-you notes,
• address labels,
• photo books for the grandparents,
• personalized kid tote bags for school and activities,
• hats for bad hair days,
• personalized keychains for backpacks,
• sticky notes,
• personalized journals for our madly writing daughter
• and magnetic note pads for grocery lists... whew...
around and for our home and family life.
No kidding!

We use the Canadian site for Vistaprint and find that orders generally ship ahead of schedule.
You can sign up for their email list to receive frequent discounts
and I enjoy the 'My Portfolio' feature for my account which allows me to quickly re-order past products
(and remember what I have ordered in the past for blog posts ♥)

Take a peek at Vistaprint and see what might work for your home or business
{{it has really worked for us!}} ♥♥

Monday, 27 May 2013
Beneath the Rowan Tree will be celebrating it's Sixth Anniversary! 
To mark the event, we are inviting YOU to create a new BTRT colorway.

At BTRT we adore COLOUR.
And it has been our passion and joy to share colour in all its glory,
paired with the gorgeous natural magic of silk for six years.
What is a 'colorway'?
It is the combination of colours that make up the finished effect used on our multi-coloured playsilks.
Back when I started dyeing, you had either tie dyed (patterned) silks or muted solids to choose from,
so I borrowed from my yarn dyeing friends and began using colorways...
BTRT broke out with bright, vivid colours and creative multicoloured silks in a variety of sizes and toys
(many of which are 'standard' for newer silk shops today).

•~• NOW we are inviting you to create the color combinations! •~•

All you have to do is COMMENT on this post with the 2-3 colours 
you would like to see become a colorway!
Be specific and feel free to link to images to help visualize!
(ie. sapphire blue, pumpkin orange and hot pink)
We will randomly select THREE winners.
Each will receive a 35" playsilk dyed in their colorway.

The Fine Print:
We will ship prizes worldwide.
One per household.
We will randomly choose three comments~ if the colorway is already being dyed at BTRT, we will choose another comment... so originality counts! (See our current collection in our Etsy Shop)
Winners will be chosen on June 1st at 10 PM est.
Enter ONCE for reading this post.
Enter AGAIN for being or becoming a blog follower (left hand column).
Enter AGAIN for being or becoming a Facebook Fan Page follower.
Colour Tips:
Remember your colour theory ~ colours do blend when dyed!
Colours will be dyed in the order you list them,
so the most prominent and/or lightest colour should come first.

Thanks for your ongoing support! 
Good luck and have fun! ♥
Tuesday, 14 May 2013
We love creating nature tables.
And we love seeing how other families create their own natural spaces 
to mark the rhythms of the year.

Each table is one of a kind, reflecting the people who create it with love and intention.
I have gathered up some lovely spring tables to share and inspire!

First, enjoy these lovely tables with their living features, so perfect for spring!

Growing Spring Nature Tables

1. From Flickr. What's not to love? Growing bulbs, pussy willows, bird's nest and lots of little gnomes and treasures in a beautifully lit and displayed spring layout.

2. Spring Nature table from The Golden Gleam ~ simple arrangement on a tray (I love the tray~ portable and limiting, encouraging orderliness and intentional choices!). Blog author Rebekah says:
"The nature table encourages development by giving her opportunity to arrange, sort, pretend, scoop, pour, match, create, and tend." Read the full blog post HERE.

3. From Flickr. The egg carton with the growing seeds invites ongoing observation and care.

4. Spring Table from A Little Crafty Nest ~ a pretty little nook with a path that just begs to be followed among the growing greens, and the sweet tissue paper rainbow! An easy way to incorporate some growing things and a sense of progress through the season!

Creative Spring Spaces
1.  From Flickr.  Brownie points for the creative use of playsilks (of course!), but I also love that this nature table is built for play with the sweet little dollies and their furniture! Two spaces in one!

2. From Flickr (via Love in the Suburbs).  Perfect for a small living space~using the back of the piano to create a dreamy spring scene.

3. From Livipur, this wonderful multi-level, natural looking stand would work for every season.

4. Credit for this photo goes to Love in the Suburbs as well (after a little digging about!)... so many rich details and love the use of the silks!

5. From Little Sister Handmade. The tall shelving allows for movement from the greens down to the roots and earthy browns, very inspiring, and so easy to create in a corner!

6. Buggy and Buddy have created this simple little nature table on a stand. I am really digging these multi-level structures that can be used and re-used all year through!

Are you inspired?! I know I am!
We are just getting into the fullness of spring where we live, so these little wonders hit the spot!
Have you got a nature table to share?
Please link us up! ♥♥
Monday, 13 May 2013
I bet you didn't know that Tourette's Syndrome Awareness month is coming up...
now you do!
Over the next month, I will try and post a little more about this misunderstood neurological condition.
It touches me personally as our daughter lives with Tourette's Syndrome.

My first experience with Tourette's came from the movie 'What About Bob?'.
Remember that one?
Not a great representation of the syndrome by any means,
but one that has stuck with many of us.

Tourette's Syndrome is part of a spectrum of tic disorders.
TS is specifically BOTH vocal and motor tics which are continually changing but ever present. 
Motor tics are often facial movements,
but may be simple muscle movements any where on the body
OR more complex combinations of actions and behaviours.
Vocal tics are pretty much anything focused around the mouth/ voice~
including words, but also humming, moaning, throat clearing, coughing and so on
{{ONLY 10% of people with Tourettte's swear uncontrollably (coprolalia)}}

Our daughter, Rowan (age 7.5) has relatively mild tics, mostly vocal.
As she is diagnosed under the umbrella term of 'Tourette's Plus', 
which extends beyond the tic disorder.
Tourette's rarely occurs alone, there is high 'co-morbidity' with a number of other conditions.
She also experiences OCD, sleep issues and generalized anxiety and sensory issues, too.
Homeschooling, occupational therapy and awareness have all lead to a great, happy and calm quality of life for Rowan. I'll write more about our specific experiences in the weeks to come. ♥♥

Want to learn more?
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