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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 30 May 2013
Looking for a great project for your scrap fabric or fat quarters?
Tired of trying to keep track of your double pointed knitting needles and crochet hooks?

Give this simple pattern a whirl.
It is so quick, you can make two, one for you and one for a friend!
{Or a kid... my second one got snagged by my 7 year old 
before the last threads were cut!}
I am preparing today to go away for a weekend of meetings
and I want to bring several pairs of DPNs, as well as crochet hooks,
stitch markers and such for keeping my hands busy.
But I loathe sorting and re-sorting my needles, and I always seem to lose one DPN from every set.
My other needle cases and rolls are all too big (straight needles)
or too small (felting and embroidery needles).

So I scanned my (currently messy) work area to see what I might have on hand
(I am committed to using up my borderline hoarder stash of supplies!)
and my eye fell on a dress my daughter outgrew, but I couldn't part with
because I love the fabric (Japanese linen w/ elephants!).

You can make this simple needle roll using scraps
(patchwork would be cool!)
and in about 25 minutes.
I just chopped the bodice off the dress and left the coordinating hem on.
Denim would be neat, too.
OR/ grab a fat quarter (FQ) and make it even easier.

Adjust the size to suit your needs... length and width are totally negotiable,
and the same instructions would make a great little crayon or pencil roll, too.

Fabric & Notions:
•  Any woven fabric, 18 x 22" (to make the DPN size pictured)
•  Ribbon to tie the roll, 36-40"

     Prewash and press fabric.
     Cut two pieces, 18" x 11" OR fold FQ in 1/2 width-wise (right sides together)
     Place right sides together.
     Stitch around the entire outside, using a 3/8" seam allowance
     and leaving a 1.5-2" opening on one long side for turning.
     Trim seam allowances.
     Turn. Press, folding in seam allowance on side opening.
     Topstich along ONE short side, close to the edge.
     Turn the topstitched edge up 5-7" as desired (I like 6.25")~
     adjust for needle height or pencils etc.
     Press in place or pin.
     Fold ribbon in 1/2 and place between the folded edges on one side
     Pin in place.
     Topstitch around entire piece, closing the side opening as you go.
     Go back and reinforce the stitching at the ribbon.
     Decide how many pockets you need.
     Make wider pockets for scissors, snips, circular needles and notions.
     Make narrower pockets for individual sets of DPNs or hooks.
     Use tailor's chalk, pencil, etc. to mark where each pocket will go.
     Topstitch to create the divisions.
     Extend your stitching beyond the top of each pocket for better wear.
    Fill it up and hit the road!
Have a great weekend... I am all ready for mine! ♥♥


Marivel said...

Thank you for the tutorial!!

Unknown said...

you're welcome!

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