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Monday, 13 May 2013
I bet you didn't know that Tourette's Syndrome Awareness month is coming up...
now you do!
Over the next month, I will try and post a little more about this misunderstood neurological condition.
It touches me personally as our daughter lives with Tourette's Syndrome.

My first experience with Tourette's came from the movie 'What About Bob?'.
Remember that one?
Not a great representation of the syndrome by any means,
but one that has stuck with many of us.

Tourette's Syndrome is part of a spectrum of tic disorders.
TS is specifically BOTH vocal and motor tics which are continually changing but ever present. 
Motor tics are often facial movements,
but may be simple muscle movements any where on the body
OR more complex combinations of actions and behaviours.
Vocal tics are pretty much anything focused around the mouth/ voice~
including words, but also humming, moaning, throat clearing, coughing and so on
{{ONLY 10% of people with Tourettte's swear uncontrollably (coprolalia)}}

Our daughter, Rowan (age 7.5) has relatively mild tics, mostly vocal.
As she is diagnosed under the umbrella term of 'Tourette's Plus', 
which extends beyond the tic disorder.
Tourette's rarely occurs alone, there is high 'co-morbidity' with a number of other conditions.
She also experiences OCD, sleep issues and generalized anxiety and sensory issues, too.
Homeschooling, occupational therapy and awareness have all lead to a great, happy and calm quality of life for Rowan. I'll write more about our specific experiences in the weeks to come. ♥♥

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