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Sunday, 9 June 2013
Crowns are just about my favourite thing to make!

Most of our crowns are custom made...
A customer purchases a custom slot and we begin a conversation about their ideas for their child's crown~ often for birthdays, but also for other celebrations and milestones.

We start with big ideas... a recent client jokingly said she needed:
"A lion riding a pegasus by a dogwood tree with peaches and little girl in the boughs"
{{or something like that!}}
 We use favourite colours, names, animals, meaningful symbols, seasons and so on
to determine the overall theme of the crown.
And yes, sometimes the theme is very broad!
Once the details and timeline are worked out, I set to work.
First, creating the background by wet felting fiber into a piece of fabric.
The designs are then needle felted to the background,
followed by hand dyed ribbons, beads and other embellishments.
The backing is made with 100% wool felt, hand sewn to the crown
and finished with a hand dyed silk band (flexible) for the perfect fit
now, and in years to come.
{{They are such a joy to make because of the combined challenge of capturing someone's vision 
AND the use of so many different skills to reach the final piece!}}
Many crowns take upwards of 12 hours, over several days.
Each is an heirloom quality piece.
With the exception of some of the beads, and the elastic,
our crowns are made completely with natural materials.
And each is one of a kind.


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