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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 8 July 2013
We have recently begun selling handmade Waldorf Doll clothing.

{I enjoy knitting and crochet in small doses,
and these projects are perfect for taking to the beach on long summer afternoons!}
*shakes out the sand*
(You can find our growing collection of dolly wearables in our ETSY SHOP.  
They fit a range of dolls from 12" up to 18", Waldorf, American Girl, Maplelea and others)

A thoughtful customer wondered why I don't make dolls.
And for once, I really do know my limits.
I leave the dollmaking to the experts, I just want to dress 'em up!

But it did get me thinking.
Waldorf dolls are spendy.
Natural materials are not cheap.
Gosh, the cost of all that wool stuffing alone makes me a little woozy.
A well and artistically created Waldorf Doll is worth it.
I have mad respect for the doll makers with their mad skills!

{Wait, what *is* a Waldorf Doll, anyway? Check it out HERE}

Back to the thinking...
what are some alternatives to purchasing a completed, fully dressed dolly?
Making your own, of course.
Except for the sticky bit about the price of natural materials.
Oh, and the mad skills.

Thankfully the dollmakers out there have made many possibilities available
when it comes to creating your own doll with your very own hands!
{These suggestions are unsolicited and untested by me~ but they will get you started...}
If you are the intrepid type, who is not daunted by making choices
{which hair? which skin? which size? which eyes?, button jointed?} *brain boggles*
and finding your own supplies,
you can strike out on your own with just a pattern.
Joy's Waldorf Doll Pattern at This Child Dolls
Adirondack Patterns Waldorf Doll Pattern

Or try a kit, with everything included.
Doll Kit by Little Miss W
If you are a little less bold,

and a little more intimidated by making your own doll from scratch
you can opt for one of the pre-made options
which range from a head to a head and unstuffed body to a finished doll
lacking only face and hair.
Pre-made doll head by Bungalow Bear

Ready to Stuff Body Kit by Honeydotz
pre-made body by the Waldorf Doll Shop
{{Receiving a head in the mail does seem a little macabre, but hey!}}

Finally, for those who like to have someone to hold their hand
{holding hands is always a good idea, right?!}

there are artisans offering classes in dollmaking.
Skype Classes by Peglee
You will also find tutorials and aids for specific parts of the process.
Tutorial for Wefted Doll Wig by Lali Dolls
You can snag great supplies for creating your dolly
both on and off of Etsy.
I am a fan of Bear Dance Crafts in BC for these sorts of supplies!

If you are contemplating creating your own Waldorf Doll, I hope that these resources get you started by knowing what sorts of resources are available to you. 
Starting with the experienced doll makers will give you a leg up,
and it supports their ongoing work, too!

Our own dolls, Sunny and Sarah, are both made by Joyce, The Hillcountry Dollmaker,
who also provides heads, clothing and other dollmaking resources in her shop.
I am going to stick to dressing them up! ♥♥

Have you made your own doll?
Do you have a favourite dollmaker?
Shout it out in the comments~ we'd love to hear from you!


DaffodilAngel said...

Thank you for the links to those lovely doll resources etc. Much appreciated.

Carmen PĂ©rez Coscoja said...

We are a couple of artisans who have educated our children in the Waldorf School "Escuela Libre Micael" in Madrid, Spain. That's why we have known this pedagogy and developed a Waldorf toys line in our workshop.
Now, along with other artisans, have a website with which our products can be delivered to any part of the world. You can see it at the following link:
Kind regards


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