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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Buttons are all the rage right now (if Pinterest hasn't lead me astray).
And we are in search of fun, attractive and affordable kid-friendly Christmas crafts for giving to family and friends.

I have been mulling over two crafts:
{{THIS}} button wreath by Martha Stewart and {{THIS}} sweet felt tree.
I married the two and came up with some sweet Button Trees for Christmas!

My family is exchanging small and simple gifts this year.
For each tree, Rowan and I chose a few special buttons from my Grandmother's old button tin, which holds a place of honour in my crafty space.
These ornaments will bring together 4 generations of memories (yay!).

Did I mention these are kid friendly, too?!

♥  A variety of buttons, old and/or new, various sizes
♥  Scissors
♥  Embroidery floss, brown is suggested
♥  Needle longer than your tallest intended tree
♥  Alternative: hot glue
♥  Optional: raffia or ribbon
1) Choose your buttons. 
There are no rules! Ideally, you will want to choose 3-4 buttons for the trunk of the tree and then buttons from large to small to create the body of the tree.  Do not make your tree taller than the length of your needle!
Choosing buttons is a great task for kids, as is stacking them in piles, sequenced by size (go math!).
Once we stacked our buttons to test their shape as a tree, Rowan spread them out in a long line in the desired order.
2) String them together.
Things will definitely go smoother if all of your buttons have the same number of holes!
As we were using a mix of new craft buttons and vintage buttons, we didn't have this luxury!
Begin with the trunk, string the buttons together and passing your needle and thread (3-4 strands of floss) up and down through them several times.(This is an adult job unless your kids are 9 or 10+). 
Then, turn tie the string securely at the base of the trunk before proceeding.
I have used white thread here on the sample, but I suggest using a brown as the thread will show on the bottom of the finished tree.
Continue adding and securing buttons.
You must run the needle right up and back down the tree, try breaking it up into groups of 3-4 buttons in order to ensure a secure finished ornament~ nothing worse than a string of buttons scattering away!
Alternative: You could use hot glue and glue all the buttons together.  Personally I like the 'wiggliness' of the threaded buttons, but to each their own!
3) Adding the tree topper.
Be creative! Use what you have on hand!
We had a number of shank-style buttons which worked perfectly as tree toppers, as we were able to attach them 'standing up' and to choose toppers to suit our various family members.
4) Add a hanger.
We used raffia. You could use ribbon, wire hooks, string...
5) Give!
For my mother, we used lots of her mother's buttons:
For our own family tree (ok, for *me*) I made a pair of trees entirely of white and pearl buttons from Grandma's button tin. I love the variations in colour and the textures. ♥♥
Now go and make some button trees of your own! 
I think I will make some more for teacher's gifts~ we have some hand shaped buttons to top the trees and thank them for helping hands.
Be sure to link up to this blog and come back to share your finished work! ♥♥


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