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Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Hope is a passion for the possible.
  ~ Soren Kierkegaard

My theological roots are showing.
And well they should be.

This past Sunday I resigned my ministry positions, 
with the intention of not moving to a new position when I finish in June.
I will still preach and serve and be available for leadership within our region, as needed, but I will no longer be a card carrying, pension contributing, full time minister in a pastoral charge (our United Church of Canada version of a parish).
Which is what I have been for nearly 20 years.
So hope and passion and possibility have loomed large in my mind and heart this past while as I sought direction and practiced discernment of call.
And the result is that I have, in Etsy lingo, 'quit my day job'.

Which means that come June, we will be moving out of the church manse, into our own home:
a 90 year old rural schoolhouse ~lots of character, lots of possibility, lots of work
I will continue to homeschool our 8.5 year old daughter, an arrangement that works well for Rowan, 
who struggles with the effects of Tourette Syndrome (+ OCD, anxiety, SPD).
She is a bright and eager student (well, except for subtraction about which she is decidedly less than eager), and the teaching challenges and rewards me as a parent, and a learner, too.
(And Rowan is saving up her money for her own flock of chickens... another new venture!)

While my husband is trucking long haul, I will be able to explore the possibilities of working much more fully on and for Beneath the Rowan Tree from our little home in the woods of Northern Ontario and in the midst of the small community which we have grown to love.
That is a whole lot of possibility.
It is the fulfillment of hopes I couldn't have imagined for myself a few years ago.
But here we are, grasping hold of the possibility and leaping into... well, just leaping!

Since we have gotten this far, and I am kind of getting into this groove 
of dreaming and working towards the dream, 
I have a vision for Beneath the Rowan Tree.

As many of you have been participating in our TOP 8 COLORWAY extravaganza in the last week or so, you know something is up... 
I am working towards translating our 8 most popular colorways from silk to yarn.
Adding yarn to BTRT opens up many possibilities.
But the one I am MOST passionate about is creating a line of natural fiber yarns that are geared towards use in children's toys, garments and accessories ~ drawing on my years of dyeing natural fibers (silk, cotton, bamboo, wool) and our deeply woven-into-the-fiber-of-our-business philosophy that childhood is a time of wonder to be nurtured AND that there is deep value in bringing children into contact with nature and natural materials which root them to this earth and it cycles.
Part of this vision is to have a space to do this creative work in a professional way, but also a space to teach others, adults and children, the joys of working with fiber and colour and one's own creative spirit
This project is the beginning of creating a studio space as a place of business and, more to the heart of it, as community space.

Towards this endeavour, and faced with the challenges of living in a rural area, I am working to create this studio space within the home to which we are moving (I have dyed thousands of pieces of silk in our current kitchen, but it is impractical and in our new kitchen, simply impossible!). And after much thought and research, have decided to open a crowdsourcing campaign through Kickstarter next month

Pursuing the passion for the possible, I am opening up my dream to you and others who may share the vibe to join in with your support as I share back with you some great rewards for your contribution.
The project scope will be the creation of a line of 8 yarn colorways, offered on a variety of bases in sock, worsted, worsted superwash and bulky wool and wool blend yarns. To get there, we are converting a screened in porch to a studio & teaching space, with a professional dyeing set-up.
I will share more about the project as the pieces come together over the next couple of weeks.
For now, I invite you to think about it, share your thoughts in the comment and to come on out and vote Thursday and Friday for the last of the Top 8 colorways which will be added to the new yarn collection.
Voting is happening on our Facebook Page.
Thank you for 7 wonder full years, here's to many more!


Unknown said...

I always love hearing/reading these stories of people jumping from one known path to another unknown one. What a wonderful example to show your daughter, too. I just recently found BTRT, but I'm an "instafan" and wish you all the luck in the world for this next endeavor!

Melissa said...

I have purchased from you not knowing anything about you other than I loved your silks. I am a pastor/chaplain's wife and homeschooler, so we have a little in common. Learning more about you makes me glad to be a customer!

Unknown said...

Carla & Melissa, thank you for your kind words and support! It is truly appreciated :) I have silks for you Carla and nice to meet you Melissa, we sure do have some things in common, very cool!

MamaWestWind said...

Exciting things on the horizon! Your house sounds lovely. Can't wait to see pics of your progress. Congrats!


Sophia Solana said...

love to hear about creative ventures in process and the love for what drives your heart and soul......Im right there with you, Keep doing what your do it well.


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