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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Nice to see you here.

So, it is 2014.
And my poor blog has been languishing...
and now I feel that sort of awkwardness like when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time
and you *should* have kept in touch.
That sort of newsy but shy feeling?
That's me.

So, hi.
Whatcha been up to?

Me? Oh, this and that.

Let's see...
  • I am still homeschooling our daughter (now almost 8 1/2), with lots of changes and challenges on that front.  We are using Sonlight curriculum (starting Core C) and really enjoying the homeschooling process and lifestyle. Lots I can write about parenting, schooling and life with what we now know is Tourette's Syndrome. And horses and karate and curling and so much more good stuff, too.
  • my husband has become a long distance truck driver, which is pretty cool, but definitely brought many changes to our home life!
  • we had to say goodbye to our Sheltie, Archie, last summer but have welcomed Boudicca (Boo) the Bouvier into our lives and she has restored my love of dogs and the human/ canine bond. Murray, the Papillon, continues to strain that bond on a daily basis.
  • we bought a HOUSE! We aren't moving at this time, but we did buy a small house about 15 minutes from our present home (church supplied manse/house). It is a 90 year old schoolhouse on a beautiful treed lot out in the woods. We are having lots of fun dreaming and planning renovations and decor.  You can see my thoughts on Pinterest (
  • we are planning to launch a line of Beneath the Rowan Tree yarns (hand dyed, of course) and fibers in 2014 and have some exciting things lining up for this project~ follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop ( ~ there will be opportunities to give your input and support as we go along!
  • and, I plan to whip this blogging thing back into shape! Tutorials, articles, guest posts, contests and more to come...
 Hopefully something in there piques your interests and will encourage you to share/ join/ enjoy the BTRT community this year.

Do you have ideas for posts?
Leave them in the comments, your input is always welcome!
Happy 2014, old friends!


Wendi said...

We also homeschool two girls: 9 and 12.

I read in a book called Grain Brain by a neurologist that he was able to treat patients with a variety of neurological issues, including Teurettes, by removing wheat from the diet. You should check it out.

Unknown said...

Thanks Wendy! I just heard about that, too... definitely worth checking! ♥

Kate said...

Welcome back!! I love reading your blog!

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