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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014
This week we are voting to determine the VERY BEST colorways in our extensive collection of hand dyed playsilks and silk toys.
And we need YOUR input!

The basics of this project are HERE or just scroll down.

TOMORROW I will be announcing our exciting new project, 
for which we need the best of the best among our colorways.  

Last week, readers helped cut 18 choices down to 12.
There were 6 clearcut winners for the first 6 of 8 slots.
These 6 are already in our Top 8...

The remaining 6 colorway are being voted on this week, to fill the last 2 slots.
Yesterday, over 75 voters (wow!) made their preferences known:
Summer Berries  (28.21%)
Mixed Greens  (20.51%)
Good Earth  (16.67%)
Fairy Tale (14.1%)
Autumn Maple (11.54%)

Heart of the Fire (8.97%)
And Heart of the Fire burns out and leaves the competition....

To enliven the competition we have appointed several 'Colorway Ambassadors' 
who are working hard to keep their faves in the top positions...
Be sure to check out their work~
Donni from Fairy Folk & The Magic Onions
Becca from Mama West Wind
Kristi from Tickety Bu
Amy from The Mindful Home
Serena from Heaven's Earth

So why not come and play and cast your vote today?
You will find pictures of the remaining silks AND the poll through our Facebook page:  

Comment or 'Like' the post on Facebook to get updates throughout the day
and be included in various chances to win prizes and discount codes!

So long Heart of the Fire.....


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