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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Signs are all the rage right now. 
(if Etsy & Pinterest have not steered me wrong!)
And what are a crafty girl and her faithful BFF to do, but get on board?
Thrifty style.

This project began last spring, during a particularly unseasonal heat wave.
A flurry of pinning and a pooling of paints and various tools, and we were ready to roll.

{{I will post an actual DIY / how-to post for the "Learn Something New" sign soon!}}

We just needed some wood.
Michelle, my partner in crafting crime, picked up some scraps from a local Muskoka Chair building factory.
But what we really needed was a trip to the dump (also known as the local zoo... the perfect place to get up close and personal with bears!). Leaving the combined children with a non-crafty friend, we hit the wood pile at the dump. And boy, did we score big!

Along with various boards and old cupboard doors for signs, we also snagged a couple of wooden stepladders and an antique chainsaw box. We *really* needed one of those. Ha.

Finally, over the Christmas holidays, I finished my last project from our dump diving adventure (which was followed by our power saw adventure, but I will share that on the DIY post!). Two of my signs were made with pine shelving which I distressed, and the others with reclaimed wood from the dump.

So here is the round up of my projects, and one of Michelle's:
Distressed pine, hanging in our homeschool space as our motto.
Distressed pine inspiration for my daughter's room.

Michelle's Mother's Day sign, the 'zebra' texture was part of the charm of this old cupboard door.
Mother's Day gift for my Mom, from an old cupboard door.

And the piece I finally finished after Christmas. 
This one was worked onto the shape of the scrap piece of wood, as it was.
And based upon a painted door from Portugal.

I had planned to hang it outside on the house, as we have a sheltered porch, but with our upcoming move, I still need to find a place to hang it~ perhaps outside the new studio (*wink wink* our Kickstarter project for that dream is coming soon! Isn't it tricky how I snuck that in?!)

There is just something about house motifs that I *love*!
I'll get cracking on the DIY post~ I learned some great techniques for lettering and aging wood that I am looking forward to sharing with you. ♥♥


FairiesNest said...

These are awesome! I particularly like the one for your mom...what a great recycling project!

Unknown said...


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