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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 3 February 2014
What can you do with 2 oz. of worsted weight yarn?
With our Kickstarter project launched, I wanted to answer that question.

{{Two of our reward levels include a mini-skein of 2 oz. of worsted organic merino wool yarn.}}

The worsted wool yarn I plan on using for the rewards
will provide approx. 110 yards in a mini-skein.
So I went exploring.
In the 0 - 150 yd. category on Ravelry, there are over 19 000 patterns.
Even if we rule out the ones that are over 110 yds, 
that is still a whole lotta wooly possibility for those 2 oz.

How about a hat?

Quynn by Wooly Wormhead (1)
Ripley by Ysolda Teague (2)
Sage Wisdom Hat by Elena Nodel (3)
 Foxie & Wolfie by Katy Tricot (4)
Declan's Hat by Samantha Kirby (5)
Owlie Hat by Teresa Cole (6)
Maybe some hand warmers?
 Women's Hand/ Wrist Warmers by Joelle Hoverson (1)
Waiting for Winter by Susan B. Anderson (2)
Baby Cable Handwarmers, by Tammy Kirschner (3)
Campout Fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm (4)
Stay Warm by Beneath the Rowan Tree (5)
Mister or Missus Mittens by Megan Grewal (6)

A little something for someone special?
Elegant Knit Crown by Kathryn Andrews (1)
Fern Lace Cowl by Jami Brynildson (2)
Jay the Bird by Stacey Trock (3)
Becca's Cabled Boot Cuffs by Rebecca Gunderson (4)
  Henry's Bunny by Sara Elizabeth Kellner (5)
Pumpkin Spice by Evan Middleton (6)
 My Whole Heart by Olha (7)

Take a moment to check out our yarn dyeing Kickstarter
 and maybe snag yourself a couple ounces of yarn for one of these projects ♥


Ashlee said...

backed and shared! <3

Unknown said...

Awesome! Thank you!!

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