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Sunday, 16 February 2014
When it comes to decorating spaces in our little schoolhouse home-to-be, the budget is modest.
And by modest, I mean non-existent.

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...
We need a fridge more than we need picture frames.  
But frames are way more fun!
Wanting to work with a very clean, light palette, I need to change all of our current black frames to something lighter so I am keeping a watch on the thrift stores and sale tables for paint-able frames.

I have this lovely piece by the talented Serena Wilson-Stubson at Heaven's Earth to inspire me!

Since I started with painting the mud room, I am starting there for wall hangings.
I scored at Value Village, finding some old wooden frames.
And at Winners with an ornate Valerie Bertinelli frame on sale (how weird is it that she has a line of home decor items?).
I also snagged some Mason Jars on sale at Michaels.
I gave the wooden frames a light sanding, and then a coat of watered down Mod Podge to seal in the previous stain (the ridges on the frames were too tricky to sand out).
Using acrylic craft paints I gave everything a coat (or two for the wooden frames) of paint.
I used various shades of white on the frames, as I am planning to hang them in a group and this played up the different textures.
I read on Pinterest that matte acrylic paints are best for the jars, and I agree.  
I tried one pearl paint and it went on poorly and dried showing every brush stroke.
Let the jars dry completely before distressing them, or they may peel.
When everything dried, I lightly sanded everything for a worn, vintage appearance.
I sealed all the pieces with the Mod Podge (I only had glossy-- matte would be better).

The wooden frames have no glass, but I think I am going to pirate the glass from some of my non-paintable black frames.
And I plan to incorporate a few of these treasures 
(found among a box of mementoes from my mother-in-law) for a little schoolroom chic!
I have a few more pieces to paint up, but hope to have the room ready soon~ I'll share photos!
{At the moment the furnace is out at the house, so any painting plans are delayed until heat is restored}.


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