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Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Make your own shabby chic style cast iron hooks, easy peasy.

The mud room / porch (I should settle on a designation, really) at our new home has no place to hang our hats (or coats).  And living in Northern Ontario means living in layers of clothing and always needing some place to hang it up!

I have plans for more utilitarian storage, but I had my designing eye on some cast iron coat hooks.
They can be found all over Etsy.
One shop offered a trio of painted crowns for $45, plus shipping for the heavy items -- good for them, they looked awesome --but not for my budget.
I didn't have much luck finding them close to home, but then we aren't really close to *anywhere*.
I finally turned them up in 'The Green Store' at our closest mall (80 km), which was a score!
Although I was looking for mermaids for the bathroom, I walked out with three crowns for the porch.
Or, is it the mud room?!

{click image to view larger}
I have decided that working with a shabby chic/ French country cottage / beach... whatever you want to call it... style is the best ever. Ever. Because you are supposed to make things look imperfect. Yay!

I worked up the hooks at the same time as a dresser (project yet to be blogged), hence the various backgrounds as that project progressed!

* foam paint brush (best for nooks and crannies)
* paints of choice (paint for metals, chalk paint, homemade chalk paint, acrylic craft paint... I used the latex porch and floor paint purchased for, well, the porch floor...!)
* a bit of sandpaper (180 is great for taking off *just enough*)
* cast iron hooks (decor stores, hardware stores, online wholesales, amazon etc.)
* screws, anchors or other hardware as needed to hang
* acrylic spray or water based sealer (ie. Mod Podge) as desired, this will help keep acrylic/latex paints in place over time.

I had all the supplies on hand from other projects.
My three crowns cost $18 ($6 each). 
You could do a trio of hooks for under $25 with supplies left over for more!
Actual working time is 30 minutes, tops, drying times will vary.

Step One:  Remove stickers or tags from hooks and give them a quick wash and dry to remove any oils or other surface dirt or dust that may get in the way of paint adhering properly.

Step Two:  Use your foam brush and your first colour (this will be the accent colour which shows through when you sand away the top colour) to apply 1-2 thin coats for coverage. I used 'Crown of Laurel'. How thoroughly you reach all the inner bits and curves is a matter of taste (and you can always remove it later!). Allow to dry completely between coats.

Step Three: Repeat with top colour.

Step Four: Using a dry foam brush, skiff a little of the base colour over some of the points and edges.  This is the 'ugly duckling' stage... You could also use a deep shade or a brown or grey paint daubed into the most shadowed areas for a more aged look-- add the shadow and wipe off again with a damp cloth for a subtle effect. (I only skiffed, I didn't shadow).

Step Five: Using your sandpaper gently begin to scuff up your pieces. Start with places that would naturally take the most wear (high points and edges) and then continue as your heart desires. If you vary the pressure, you will have some areas that reveal the base coat, and others the original cast iron.

Step Six: Seal each piece to maintain the level of shabbiness you have created -- some paints will continue to wear away if left unsealed, which is cool, too!

Hang 'em up and enjoy... 
In fact, I like them so well I may have to make something else for hanging coats.
{Who am I kidding... No one in my family hangs up anything!}

Please feel free to share and pin these instructions, while I didn't exactly invent the wheel here, I did take time to share my work and would appreciate credit being given to Beneath the Rowan Tree when sharing. Thank you!


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