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Wednesday, 19 March 2014
I do not like mending (really, who does?).
But I love the idea of turning a gaping hole in a favourite pair of jeans into an adorable monster! 

And at this time of year... Trying to stretch that pair of jeans through until spring arrives (and for us that is usually May!), I thought this re-post of one of our most popular posts might come in handy!
monster, knee patch, mending jeans, jeans, mend, hole

My daughter loves to play in the sand.
her pants, however, don't enjoy the experience nearly as much!
Her favourite jeans are missing both knees.

I saw a great fix on Pinterest (the pinned post in dutch HERE) and snagged a little time to do it this morning.... Monster Knees!
◘ A scrap of fabric larger than the hole (allow 1/4-1/2" around it)~ denim, cotton, flannel
◘ Embroidery floss
◘ Needle
◘ Felt (wool is preferable to acrylic for durability), or other fabric scraps in white

1)  Cut Out your Pieces:
Trim your fabric scrap to fill the back of the hole, with an allowance of at least 1/4" beyond the tear.
Cut 'teeth' out of your white scrap, wide enough to fill the 'mouth' hole and as long or short as you prefer, you may need to do some dental work as you go along.
Cut out two roughly round eyes from the white fabric.
tutorial, mending, kids, pants, holes, monster, fun, simple, fast, no machine, jeans, patching

2) Sew on the Teeth:
Attach them to the mouth piece with a row of running stitches.

3) Fit the teeth into the mouth and stitch the mouth in place.
With small pants, it is tough to get your hand inside while stitching, you may find it easier to turn them inside out and do your best at making a rough oval around the hole, firmly securing the patch and making sure not to catch the teeth in the stitches.

4) Stitch the Eyes:
Have fun and be creative! Be sure that the eyes are well anchored~ they will get roughed up in the wash, but it will just add to the monster's charm.

As Rowan had both knees out, I simply patched the other knee with a felted wool sweater scrap~ overcast stitched with the embroidery floss.
Now, don't you want to do some mending?!


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