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Monday, 7 July 2014
I once was a blogging machine.
Well, not a machine, really, kind of the opposite.
I used this blog as creative space -- for business and personal projects, for personal and parental reflection, for telling my own story and connecting with others and their stories.
It came from the heart and even though it is published in the vastness of the internet, it felt intimate-- like my own space.

And this space was a precious little corner of my otherwise quite public life.
Being in ministry is sometimes referred to as "living in a stained glass fishbowl".
And some people like their goldfish and get that it is a fish with fishy needs and a fish shaped life, trying to be the best fish it can be (but sometimes falling short).
And others want their fish to stop acting like a fish.

To put it simply-- someone who wanted me to stop acting like a fish decided to use this blog towards that end. And it worked -- it poisoned my water, it cost me my blogging mojo.
The hows and whys aren't worth mentioning, being bygones and oh-so-2012.

Moving on.
I'm back (baby!).

I'm excited about rebuilding this space and filling it with beautiful colours and hopeful words and creative expression and ideas.

We have moved.
We are no longer in the same small town, but close enough to keep our connections while gaining privacy and space.
We are slowing making home out of a 90 year old schoolhouse.
I am surrounded by tall trees and baby animals.
I am taking a break from full time ministry (although I will still be preaching and presiding at funerals as needed).
My flock has become the dogs, some new kitties and a small herd of goats.
And Beneath the Rowan Tree is now my day job!

I have lots to share (still ironing out devices and internet for our location!) about setting up our little farmstead, special needs parenting, homeschooling, crafting, nature, girl power... And lots to learn and hear from you! 

So follow the blog (left hand side), follow our Facebook page and let's do this thing!

{and... In case you aren't sure if you should stick around, let me just say... Baby Goats} <3


Maureensk said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your new farmstead! We may be making the same plunge ourselves soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks Maureen! Good luck to you!

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