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Tuesday, 19 August 2014
Blessed are those magical moments that allow us to slow down and be truly in the moment.
{{ and blessed are we when we recognize them for what they are!}}

This summer hasn't been much of the summer we envisioned~ long afternoons at the beach, evening campfires with family and friends. It has been rain, cold rain, gray rain, heavy rain.... and with our move and lots and lots of work to do at the house, and my husband changing jobs...

Part of the challenge right now is figuring out how to 'be' as a stay-at-home-mom and full time artisan.  Nearly 20 years in ministry has shaped my life in particular ways and with specific rhythms (and expectations). And my daughter is figuring out how things work when we don't live in the heart of town and every day no longer involves outings and errands.  She is struggling with "what are we doing today?" being "this. being here.".

Yesterday had the crystal clear blue skies of early autumn.
The sun was lower, earlier.
The bugs (oh heavens, the hideous horrible bugs) were absent in the afternoon breeze.
And we chose (because we *could* ~that is still a thrill!) to just hang out under the trees, under the laundry on the line, and play with fiber for a while.

I can't describe the simple joy of just being in that moment.
*This* is why we have made such big changes in our lives.

We were joined by Ghost and Longclaw, the kitties.
{I have no idea why my daughter is wearing her velvet holiday dress!}
And our newest little friend, Bandit. (*cutest puppy EVER* <--- official title!)
Can't you just hear the kitten's evil laughter as the pup searches for her?!

For a number of reasons, we re-homed our teeny Papillon, Murray, this summer, and he has landed in high cotton.  But Rowan was desperately missing having a dog of her own (our Bouvier is utterly mine, as I often find with rescued dogs, they attach to their perceived rescuer!) and honestly, it serves therapeutic purposes for her anxiety and OCD to have a calming and constant companion. 

Bandit is a little mutt (Poodle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but I utterly refuse to apply a 'designer dog' label.) with just the right blend of size, smarts, confidence and breed background to fit the bill, and he bonded instantly with Rowan.

Mountains of fiber, kittens stealing all of our works-in-progress, a puppy exhausted from chasing kittens... what more did we need for a perfect afternoon?
Baby goats, of course.
Huckleberry and Hickory soon came to crash the party, toppling the fiber boxes and bringing their unabashed good cheer {and a heaping helping of 'baby goats are jerks'!}.
What a lovely afternoon.
Kind of makes the rest of the summer feel a little brighter, having lead to this happy time. ♥♥


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