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Monday, 29 September 2014
There is nothing like a nature hike on a gorgeous autumn day to make you fall in love with the world all over again.

We took advantage of the warm Indian Summer days last week to get outside and explore.
On Friday, we were joined by some homeschooling friends as we ventured back an unmarked road on to Crown Land (just that~ owned by the Crown/ government~ Canada still being part of the Commonwealth).
We live in an area rich with amazing trails and potential for adventure, although I admit to being a little bit of a conservative about hiking off into the great unknown, because it is great BIG and well, unknown! And there are bears. And poison ivy. And bears that might chase you into poison ivy... I don't know! I grew up in farm country!

{Also, the window for woodland exploration is quite short in the fall, as before long these woods will be full of hunters and we don't take chances on hiking during hunting season!}

The trail was rich with learning opportunities.
My daughter showed me the moose tracks that came from a trotting moose and those from a walking moose (so cool!). The kids found a variety of mushrooms (left safely in place!) and collected a galaxy of interesting rocks shaped like the moon and spotted like Jupiter. I even had the 'honour' of digging through some sort of canid scat to get bones for my daughter's collection (ew!).
Rowan helping a little friend build a dam.
I love that homeschooling gives the children so many opportunities to work with other kids of various ages and our group of infant, 5, 7 and 9 year olds worked very well together. The kids got loads of exercise and when we stopped at the lake at the end of the trail, they enjoyed some imaginative play.
The marshy portion of the walk presented an opportunity for more play in the warm fall sunshine. The kids worked hard to build dams along the edge of the marsh, where water was spilling on to the road. (I find the marshes fascinating, and hope in the next week or two to do some Nature Study and learn more about them).
Before long the snow will come, with its own beauties, and stay for many months.
And spring brings the bugs.
And summer the tourists. 
But in the autumn, we grab every chance we get to bask in the beauty of our natural setting, letting time slow and the love affair with tree and rock, marsh and lake kindle in our children.
The light in this alley of trees was rosy pink as the sun shone through the red maple leaves.
On top of all the great things we did and learned on our hike, there is the added bonus of tired kids and dogs! My motto has always been 'better living through exhaustion' when it comes to dogs, and I think it applies to kids as well!  Bandit, pictured below, was asleep before I started the car to leave.
What adventures have you been on lately?
What wonders does your home bring to you in this season?
Please do share in the comments! ♥♥


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