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Tuesday, 2 September 2014
The Beneath the Rowan Tree Instagram account is up and running!
{{Actually it is several years old, I just never got the hang of it!}}
Personal work-in-progress picture recently posted to Instagram

One of my goals this fall is to expand the social media presence for BTRT.

Our Facebook page is healthy, but the ongoing changes at Facebook continue to reduce visibility and interaction for business accounts. It seems wise to diversify!  If you are not a follower, please do pop over and 'like' the page ~it is still our main page for announcements and so on, and it makes me feel so ♥loved♥ ("you like me! you really like me!").

I adore Pinterest, although I admit it took me numerous attempts to finally get it... and then I was all like "pin all the things!".  It is a great resource for us visual types and a wonderful way to engage one's self while sitting through some awful movie one's husband really wants one to watch... Along with some personal boards (decorating, food etc.), you'll find lots of boards related to homeschooling, play, natural toys, crafting, Waldorf and more. And some group boards to which you can add your own pins, as well!

As for Twitter, fuhgetaboutit.
Seriously, I don't get.
Or rather, I simply cannot seem to express myself adequately in 140 characters or less.
Must be 20 years of preaching... ha!
There is a BTRT account and I do post to it from Facebook, if Twitter is your bag!

So that brings me to Instagram.
And I like it!
It might even be the best of several social media worlds.
Lots of images from all around the world~ today I saw an amazing stone Viking ship, and the Danish poster was kind enough to link us up with more information to bolster our homeschool Vikings unit ~ and something for everyone, no matter your tribe (or should I say #tribe).
I am aiming for a slice of life, BTRT style!

This was my first post this morning on IG:
First day of school, homeschool style!
I would love to hear about your social media experiences and preferences (and tips! do you have any tips?).  Do you use it for business or personal? Both? I know there are lots of other sites out there... what do you use?  

Leave a comment, please! 
And of course, leave your usernames so I can like/ follow/ whatever you back in the places where you like to play! ♥♥


Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

We already follow each other on Instagram {} but I thought I'd share why I love it ~ it provides a lovely community connection and visual inspiration - I agree it is also my favourite social media!

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