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Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Some days (heck, weeks!) homeschooling is difficult.
Hair-pullingly, temper tantrumingly (me) hard.

Some days (heck, weeks!) really rock.

And today rocked.

I could go on (and on) about the tough days, and some day soon, I will, as I am sorting through some specific learning challenges and strengths identified in Rowan's recent academic assessment (and Asperger's diagnosis).
But today was one of the good ones.

And don't get me wrong.  We love homeschooling!
It is just right for us at this stage of Rowan's education and development, it's what she needs (and we are blessed to have professionals on our team that strongly agree!).

Actually, today wasn't going to be much of a school day.
I sent Rowan off with her reading and handwriting while I scrambled to catch up on orders 
after a three day stomach bug that knocked me flat.
As I was filling out and packing envelopes, I was thinking (again) how a shipping helper would be just the thing. And in strolls my newly-9 year old.
Even better, she asks if she can help!
(Stating that since her name is in the business name, she should really be part of it).
I shushed my inner control freak.
Let the lesson begin.
* executive function skills : sorting silks into sets, keeping track of several items at once, tidy labeling, consistency, sorting envelopes by destination.
* geography: find Hong Kong, Victoria (Australia), UK, California and various other states, on the map.
* life skills: addressing an envelope, postal codes, customs
And general context setting and world trade~ Rowan observed that I probably have fewer customers in Asia because they have access to more silk than we do in the Western world.
Which I had never considered. Huh.
Practical learning with a motivated and invested learner.  Score!

And then, she volunteered to wash and dry the dishes. which point I checked my child to see if she had been switched by the fairies or the aliens or the government...

She did the dishes... making observations about which objects float (and why), about the flow of water and the movement of soap bubbles and declaring:

...and no sign of fairy-alien-government tampering to be found... although she did hit her head when she fell of the horse in the barrel race on Saturday... hmmm.

Yes, this was one of those days when you just keep your head down and let the student do the learning as life sends it their way.
And with all the help I had I was able to do a sit down lesson after all~ and we enjoyed a rousing exploration of Kublai Khan and the adventures of Marco Polo!

How was your day? ♥♥


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