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Monday, 22 September 2014
Are you up for a challenge?!
I bet you have lots and lots of supplies you have been saving for that *special project*? 
Me too!
(and a few from failed projects, as well!)
But the time has come to USE IT UP...
in the spirit of simplifying my life and creative space, 
I am taking the old saying "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" to heart.
Dig deep, feel the burn, haul out those stashed supplies and MAKE something!
The main portion of this challenge is taking place on Instagram so if you do IG, join in by following BTRT (@beneaththerowantree).
If you don't use Instagram you have two choices
~ leave your photo and link in the comments of THIS post OR
~email your photo and link to BTRT (
in both cases, I will post your picture to Instagram with the #makeitdoseptember tag so that it is part of the challenge!

1) Follow @beneaththerowantree on Instagram

2) Create ONE new project, big or small, by September 30th. The catch is it must be something *you don't usually make*... ie. knitters can't just knit up some stashed yarn... stretch yourself! Do something different! It can be a product for sale, or a personal project. As long as it uses up craft supplies you already have on hand. No cheating~ no buying, trading or borrowing!

3) Photograph your masterpiece, include your desired link in the caption and tag it on IG with #makeitdoseptember

That's it!
Follow. Make. Link. Tag.
By September 30th.
(Oh! And don't forget to invite your friends!)

{{Here is the link to the original Instagram challenge post~ you can link your sister craft supply hoarders from there!}}

Embroidery by BTRT, pattern by Sarah Jane Studios
I will collect all the pictures and feature them on the BTRT blog early in October WITH your one chosen link you included in the caption for your photo (IG, shop, blog, whatever).
{ is approaching its one millionth pageview and the #makeitdoseptember feature will be blogged there AND will also be shared across our social network (3500 Facebook, 2500 Pinterest...)}

Now go make it do! ♥♥


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