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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 18 September 2014
In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain. Rudolf Steiner called rhythm the 'carrier of life' and by marking each day with a colour, something visual and evocative, we help young children tap into the rhythm of their days.

The colour for Thursday is Orange. 
 What is Orange 
 Orange is a tiger lily,
A carrot,
A feather from
A parrot,
A flame
The wildest color
You can name
Orange is a happy day
Saying good-bye
In a sunset that
Shocks the sky.
Orange is brave
Orange is bold
It's bittersweet
And marigold.
Orange is zip
Orange is dash
The brightest stripe
In a roman sash
Also a mango
Orange is music
Of the tango
Orange is the fur
Of the fiery fox,
The brightest crayon
In the box.
When leaves are turning
Orange is the smell
Of a bonfire burning....

by: Mary O'Neil
1. Crafty Fox Peg Doll, by Beetle and Fern.
2. Hand Knit Pumpkin, by The Sitting Tree.
3. Orange Little Cuddle Doll, by BiBiDolls.
4. Magical Mushroom Wool Purse, by Lumbo Gimbo.
5.  100% Wool Carrots, by Bubba Pickles Market. 
6.  Waldorf Toadstool Tots, by Mama West Wind.
To the best of my knowledge, each of these toys has been crafted from natural materials by the artisan. You won't find any plastic, eco- or poly-felt (which are acrylic) or harmful finishes. Making these treasures safe for the kids, warm in their hands and biodegradable when their work is done.

Be sure to visit these shops (all chosen freely by me~ these are not advertisers~ that's how we roll around here!) AND to check out our years of Waldorf features here on the BTRT blog  (see the list of labels on the right hand side column) to connect with talented and conscientious artisans of wonder-full things!


MamaWestWind said...

Oh, I Love all these items and I love that poem. Thank you for including my dolls!

Unknown said...

My pleasure! We actually ran across the poem in one of our books and it was perfect! There is a red one, too, but not as good!

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