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Thursday, 2 October 2014
As a fiber lover and artisan, it is endlessly fascinating to see women around the world working with fiber in their local colours, customs and culture.

I have a feeling some of you might feel the same way?

While studying the Vikings recently my daughter reflected on the nature of many of the artifacts that are used to help us explore history and understand its people.  {Making connections and seeing patterns seems to be one of her gifts as a person with Asperger's ~ which I'll write about more soon}. She noted that we base our understanding so much on 'hard' materials~ rock, gold, iron, even wood~ but women's work has been in the realm of soft goods, many of which do not survive the centuries. AND that if NOT for those women's work, the Viking men would not have been able to strike out from land for the unknown seas... the women wove their sails! Girl Power!
I have not had the opportunity to travel far, but I have two sisters who have.
My sister Jennifer has travelled broadly in South America and studied in Thailand as a Rotary Peace Scholar. She is also a pretty great photographer.
Rowan and I return again and again to Jenn's photos while studying various parts of the world in homeschool.
Today we were studying the Inca in Peru and benefited richly from Jenn's trip to Machu Pichu. Which reminded me that I really *need* a few of her pictures printed for my studio space (in the planning stages). And I feel down the rabbit hole of her beautiful fiber photos~ so I thought I would share ♥.

The fiber:
The artisans:
The photographer & a new friend:
Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her experience and lending us homebound types a little peek into another part of the world and the women there. ♥♥


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