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Sunday, 5 October 2014
Painted rocks make wonderful homes for the wee folk in your home or garden!
A fun nature craft with endless imaginative possibilities!

All have houses, each his own.
Built of brick or granite stone;
They live on cherries, they run wild~
I'd love to be a Fairy's child.
                         ~Robert Graves from "I'd Love to Be a Fairy's Child"

Our house is a 90 year old one-room schoolhouse, converted to a home.
Out front we have a mighty tree of 80+ years old~  our 80+ year old neighbour remembers planting the White Spruce at school as a very young child.
This elder tree has an air of magic about it and the (unkempt~ we have been here 3 months and the gardens are on the to-do list for next spring, although I'd like to work in some enrichment this fall!) garden around its base seems the right place for a little whimsy.
We are far enough north that our landscape consists of barely-covered granite ~ a relatively thin layer of topsoil over solid rock. Perfect for a pair of rock hounds like Rowan and myself!
All summer we have been collecting interesting rocks (beautiful pink granite in various states of mixed quartz/ mica / feldspar from way back when the world was beginning) to use for our gardens-to-be and the collection has been growing steadily (yes, I have been known to stop the car and jump out in the pouring rain to grab a likely specimen!).

Put together the rocks, the magical tree and a little craftiness and you have a fun and creative craft for the kids (and you, too!).
Here's what you need:
• craft paints (acrylics)
• paintbrushes (thick, soft and broad work best on uneven rock surfaces)
• acrylic sealant** ~ a crafty sealer intended for OUTDOOR protection
cats are optional.

**the paint may not stay on the rocks for eternity, but the sealer will prolong the life of your finished art for several seasons of weather and wear and both are suitable for use with the kiddos (who no longer eat their craft supplies! Although I have been known to eat paint every once in a while due to a bad habit of wetting my brush tips with my lips!).

I love this craft because you can S-T-R-E-T-C-H it out for keeping little hands busy!
• start with a nature walk to find rocks~ encourage the kids to look for flat surfaces, or rocks that look like a house to them (or fairies or fairy dogs as Rowan chose!).
• provide a bucket and scrub brush for the very important job of cleaning the rocks in preparation for painting
• spend some time sketching ideas, incorporating natural materials or ideas from storybooks etc.
And when you are done milking it (I'm not the only one who does this am I? I mean washing rocks was good for 2 hours of busy kid time here!) get painting!

The great thing about painting on rocks is that mistakes can simply be washed off with a little warm water and a scouring pad! The rock above got re-started twice!

 Rowan (age 9) decided that instead of painting a gnome or fairy home on to the rock as I had done, she would turn the entire rock into a house~ complete with chimney, windows, door and an address '193'. She also painted a fish pond, a little fairy and a fairy dog! That's my girl ♥!

We are looking forward to an infestation of fairies and gnomes this fall ~ we just hope the kitties don't catch them!

The little shoes of fairies are
So light and soft and small
That though a million pass you by
You would not hear at all.
            ~Annette Wynne "Fairy Shoes"
Enjoy ♥♥!


Sew Can Do said...

LOVE these!! What a great project idea to do with the kids and looks so enchanting. Would love to feature this next week - could you add the Craftastic Monday button to your party page so I can? I was sure it was there before, but don't see it now and this is too cute not to feature. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl,
I will add the link~ I was playing around with them tonight and may have lost yours!


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