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Tuesday, 23 December 2014
Every year we make handmade ornaments for our friends and families.

Maybe they would rather have gift cards? Who knows! 
But we so enjoy making things for them (#cantsstopwontstop).

The handmade process means we spend time thinking about each person, what they like, what they mean to us, our best memories and our hopes for them this year. We turn our gifting into an intentional practice of expressing our love and appreciation.
Sometimes I am not sure that the end product shows this off~ there have been a few near-fails over the years~ but it has become a part of our seasonal preparation and celebration at home.

{{and if it uses up some of my craft supply hoard~ I prefer to think of it as a 'stash of potential', but it might be a hoard... even better!}}

This year we turned on the Christmas carols~ the music we choose at Christmas is so personal and diverse... woven into our customs and recollections... we have an odd mix of Burl Ives, Barenaked Ladies, Elvis, Bing and Boney M to name a few!~ and set to work making yarn balls.
 These ornaments are simple and so pretty!
Easily made to match each person's tastes~ riding coach, knitting friend, groom-to-be...
{{the purple and pink ball with the T-Rex charm was made by Rowan for her Uncle who is getting married next month... she figured he doesn't care what colour he gets, his fiancee does and their/her tree is decorated in purples... about time he learns how it rolls from here, no?}}

I have an aversion to wasting good yarn, so the majority of these were made from scrap balls of various weights gathered up from knitters and yard sales. The little jars pictured were filled with glitter and tied with pretty charms and strings as fairy dust for Rowan's friends.

These balls are pretty self-explanatory, but I can share a couple of tips to get you started.
• We began with ping pong balls (small ornaments) and whiffle balls (big ornaments) from the local dollar store (eek, I know! but it is the yarn wasting thing, again!).
• I hot glued the first few inches of yarn randomly around the balls to help my daughter get hers started~ unless you habitually wind a lot of yarn, you may want to do this, too!
• Variegated yarn is only effective if it has short colour changes, otherwise  you may only see on colour on the top layer.  I found using 2-4 different yarns together at once more effective for a colourful finish.
• We personalized some of the balls using small jewelry charms I had in my supply stash.
• For a secure finish, hot glue the last couple inches of yarn in place and the ends (you can tie on the hanging loop where you finish and glue the tails).
 Pretty? Pretty!
There are lots of great handmade ornament ideas on the BTRT Holy Days & Holidays board on Pinterest, too.
Enjoy! ♥♥


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