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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 10 January 2015
We are *two* sales away from reaching 9000 sales at Beneath the Rowan Tree.
We *did* reach 1 million hits on the blog over the holidays.
And this May we will be celebrating 8 years in business.

I'm pretty stoked (and I love round numbers).
Combine these stats with a new year, and I am finding myself thinking about "what's next" ~ how will I continue to challenge myself, creatively and as a business owner?

While I am no longer working in ministry, I am finding my daughter's homeschool and special needs more time (and energy) consuming than I expected~ which means finding ways to continue to working at BTRT while honouring this time and place in our family life. For the first time, I am scheduling our schoolwork like any other commitment, to ensure that we are placing a priority on learning as Rowan enters into 5th grade work in the next few months.

My mantra from day one with BTRT has been to "only do what I love".
And right now, while I love dyeing silk, I am challenged by its rising costs, particularly as they affect us as Canadians.  At the moment, silk costs 3x what it did when I started in 1997 and I am paying at least 30% more for every piece of silk than my (growing in number) American counterparts (taxes, shipping, duties, brokerage)~ and my prices have neither tripled, nor do they reflect my considerably higher costs! So I need to either find a more cost effective way to source silk and/or find ways to apply my experience and skills to silk in new ways.  I am working on both.

I am also working towards the creation of a studio space in our home ~ for my work and for teaching fiber arts for adults and kids in our local area. So... there are a few irons in the fire, along with hopes of adding more hand painted silk, hand dyed yarn and custom Waldorf-inspired crowns to the shop lineup!

At the moment, I am taking the new year as a challenge to continue to develop my skills as a dyer.  I have been playing with snow dyeing (love it on cotton, not so hot about results on silk) and delving into the rich world of shibori (the Japanese art of dyeing with resists).

I will be offering a selection of these one of a kind silks on a regular basis in the shop.  Created on a variety of higher end silks and cottons, these scarves will be for the grownups who like to sneak and wear their kid's playsilks, or who are looking for something natural and beautiful to wear.
{There are a few cotton jersey infinity scarves and chiffon silk scarves in stock at BTRT}}
That's a little of what is rumbling around in my brain as we enter into this new year.
Thanks for taking the time to read (I think best when I can say it/ write it out loud!) and for all of your support over the years!  It has been a joyful journey with so many great companions on the way~ here's to another year! ♥♥

{Please share your goals and ideas in the comment, if you like! I'd love to know what is going on in your head!}


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