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Wednesday, 4 February 2015
What happens when you mix horse lovers, silk and dye?

One of my goals for this year is to work more on artistic projects, to challenge myself and find new ways of working with natural fibers and dye. After much experimentation, research into the traditions of shibori, and pursuit of a vision~ I could see what I wanted to achieve, I just had to figure out how to get there~ I'm excited to offer what I am calling 'Motif Silks'.

So far the horses are a favourite! 

These hand dyed lovelies are definitely something new on the playsilk scene, but they aren't *just* for the kids.  These Motif silks are also being designed for grownups to wear and enjoy (since I know lots of us sneak out wearing the kids' playsilks!) and on decor items like throw pillow cases.
Motif Silks are being done in a variety of sizes and silk weights (a little luxury for the mamas!). Each takes much longer than our standard playsilk colorways to plan & create, and spends more time in more dye baths. But the end results are so much fun!
Along with the more abstract styles, I am also offering simple seasonal and kid-appealing additions to the shop:
And soon it will be possible to add a little motif to any playsilks or dress up items you order, beginning with little bunnies for the Easter Season. Watch for the separate listing to "add a bunny" going up soon ($2.50).
New motifs are on the way, in addition to horses, unicorns, bunnies, dolphins, polar bears, butterflies already in the works.

What do you think? 
What motifs would you or your littles like to see?
Please leave a comment and share! ♥♥


boatbaby said...

Those horse silks! Be still my heart!

boatbaby said...

Those horse silks! Be still my heart!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! And thank you for sending me the picture with the Twirligig and family~ I never thanked you!

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