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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 21 February 2015
We all know Sharpies are amazing.
And we all love a craft that makes use of basic supplies we are already hoarding.
(it *can't* be only me!)
{at this point, I have to tell you that this craft was the result of haphazard pinning (follow BTRT on Pinterest) ~ I saw some gorgeous Sharpie art with the erroneous comment saying it was done on canvas... so I plowed ahead and *then* actually looked at the pin... it was done on ceramic tiles! There is a big difference between ceramic tiles and canvas~ so here is our canvas version}

It is also worth noting that the canvas, being more absorbent, was probably a better choice for kids who like to doodle and add details. The canvas allows much more time, less smearing and a slower bleed when the alcohol is applied.

Age: 3+ (these markers are permanent!)
Time: 15 minutes +
Supplies Needed:
• art canvas in desired size (we had some dollar store ones in stash)
• Sharpie markers
• rubbing alcohol
• syringe, q-tips, paintbrushes, spray bottle... other applicators of your choice
• protective base in case markers bleed through onto work surface (we just laid paper under our work)

• The Sharpies on the canvas will bleed in a more controlled manner than on cotton tees or ceramic tiles.  Concentric patterns (that work out from a center point) are the most effective, especially if kept to 2-3 colours and 1-2" in size. Too many colours, or too large patterns will end up muddy and they are harder to get to bleed all the way to the edges.
• I highly recommend using one canvas to experiment with your markers and alcohol application~ different marker colours spread in different ways, and some patterns are more effective than others.
1) Once your surface is protected (and the kids, if needed), simply pass out the canvas and markers and start doodling.  Rowan made a lot of words and long designs which were less effective than her smaller patterns.
2) Once your doodles or designs are done, it is time to apply the alcohol.  It can be applied in many ways~ painted, dripped, sprayed, splattered.  We had some syringes, which were perfect for putting one drop at a time in the center of each design, working our way around the canvas.  If a pattern didn't bleed as much as we liked, we added a little more alcohol.

3) Let your canvas dry and then find a place to display your kids' creations!
Easy peasy! What our work may lack in visual appeal, it made up for in doodling fun and the 'ooohs' and 'ahs' of the alcohol application and the pride of the child in creating their own art! ♥♥


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