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Monday, 27 April 2015
I'm not sure that this is Wonderland, but I have definitely fallen down a rabbit hole.

I feel like I should apologize for the spotty blogging this year (whether out of sheer Canadian-ness or otherwise) but then I stop and check myself.  I am working really hard at not feeling guilty over not meeting expectations (my own or others). It is a bit of PPSD (post-pastoral stress disorder, and yes, I made that up, but it feels real enough!) and a bit of mid-life crisis, maybe? I don't know, but I am struggling to embrace the moments, sometimes whole hours, of downtime that I have in my life these days. But that is another blog post.
So, sorry not sorry on the lack of blog activity!

Homeschooling is taking more time these days.
Rowan is turning 10 and the school demands are increasing each year~ between working on areas of challenge, and keeping up with my gifted child in others, it is a big job!
We have also been taking part in group therapy for her anxiety & OCD, which has meant many trips to the city through the spring.
I am just now emerging from the 6 month crunch of Christmas/ Easter for Beneath the Rowan Tree and keeping busy with custom crown requests and fitting in a little felted art experimentation, too.
And now the bit about the rabbit hole... we sidelined our plans for ducks in exchange for rabbits.
A lot less mess and a lot more cuteness (except for my raging allergy to rabbits... hmmm).

I am the proud owner of two Flemish Giants and a litter of 10 kits.  As if that wasn't enough, we also added more rabbits this week, bringing our current total up to 17 bunnies, although our 'permanent resident' status will be more like 10.  Rowan traded her ducks for Holland Lops, which she is breeding for show and pets, and Andy, not to be left out, has a pair of Californians, Royal and Rayna.  Rabbtitry building plans are underway, and I'll keep the cute fluff coming!

(And please note I agreed to getting ONE rabbit this spring. )
That's the quick update... I'll be back with some more fluffy bunny stuff and more. ♥♥


EMMA said...

Ooh all those bunnys! we have only one (almost bought a second yesturday but hubby was with me and put a stop to my plans - was going to get three chicks too!)
You felt art work is beautiful.
I've lost my mojo too at the moment - crochet, knitting, bloging don't seem to be calling to me right now!

Unknown said...

When you build your rabbittry, please post info! I am 4 weeks in to owning 3 rabbits and planning their permanent home as well. Us Canucks have to have a longer think about winter-proofing than most of the info online and I'm curious to see what you come up with!

Unknown said...

Emma~ hopefully spring will bring back the mojo! But for now, just dream about baby animals ~ works for me!

Unknown~ we have been over and over plans and we have settled on converting a portion of our enclosed back porch into rabbitry~ about 10 x 14' so we can borrow heat from the house, as well as less worry for water freezing etc. A separate building raised so many issues (and I am nervous about having it this close, too!) and this takes care of temps and predators. And also makes some winter breeding possible.

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