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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Sunday, 24 May 2015
I shared on a Waldorf based sale page on Facebook...
(I suspect sometimes that people figure that BTRT is not a 'small business' or that somehow 8 years means that we don't need their support... but for us, 8 years means skill, quality products, great service and a reliable shop to find great waldorf inspired toys!)

BTRT started 8 years ago when I couldn't find the types of clothing and toys I wanted for our daughter... Etsy was new and I jumped in! It has been a wild, amazing ride of self discovery, networking and creativity.

In the last year BTRT has enabled me to take a break from my 20 year career (much, much needed) and to focus on homeschooling and raising our daughter (twice exceptional ~ gifted with Aspergers, Tourettes and more letters ;)) while my husband works away from home.

We are working on self sufficiency in a very small home in the woods and have started a small rabbitry this spring. BTRT is a work of passion for me, flowing from a commitment to encourage and support gentle and simple childhoods. It is also the means by which we put food on our table and shoes on our feet (when we wear them!) while we adjust to living on much less.

I'm sharing this with you so you will know a little of the person behind the business~ BTRT is very much a family business, every silk is dyed in my kitchen. 8 years doesn't make us a big business, but I am grateful that it has made us a strong one, rooted in quality and community.

Being in Canada we face challenges like high postal/ shipping rates and paying at *least* 30% MORE for our supplies (shipping, duties/ taxes) than our American artisan friends. But we keep at it because I love to do it~ that has been my commitment to myself from day one, don't love it? don't do it!

So thank you! Our gratitude extends to each of you who have made our family's work part of your family's play!  In the 'Tag Sale' spirit~ We have set aside nearly 50 items, including some new patchwork fabric crowns at a great 'thank you' price in our anniversary sale section of the Etsy shop.


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